Jess Wright Tanning Solutions

Welcome to my Tanning solutions website......

You may know me from the hit show ‘The only way is Essex?
I have had another whirlwind of a year so far and now coupled with my very own lingerie boutique (which is doing exceptionally well); I am delighted and so very excited to announce the launch my very own range of tanning products to the market.

I don’t know about you, but I am so in need of a different scented tan. So instead of the usual “biscuit” or “Curry” smelling self-tan products I have decided to introduce a range of brand new fantastic, fresh and fruity scents to the market. This product range is designed to enhance your natural skin tone whilst exciting your senses!!            

My products can be used in salons across the country who spray tan clients and the ever growing successful mobile therapists who do such a wonderful job in the privacy of your own home. Talking of your own home, I have also bought out a full home use range to suit every need, from gradual fade or wash off mousses to a self-misting tan in the can we have it all and the best thing about it is you can chose your perfect tan with the lush scents of the summer from strawberry to cherry or from melon to coconut we have a scent to suit everybody. So which scent will you choose?


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